Holbox, Mexico 2012

Posted by | Caribbean

The first group had a fantastic week, but it started windy with tough conditions on the flats. But the 2 last days gave us some trilling moments were Nic, Morten and me landed some big Tarpons between 120-130lbs. Anita and Peter had also great sport with Tarpons and Jack hitting the flies.

The seccond group got some tough conditions to cope with nearly all week. Paul and Phil was doing well chasing Groupers and Cudas, but for the rest of us we had a hard time on the flats. Nils got his first Tarpon ever and Gisle and me was hooking them but lost 10-15 to the boat. Morten and Atle had action too, but the wind was what keept us back every day. Great bunch tho, and most of the time we was fishing for Bones and Jacks wading the flats on the white sand.

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