Cayo Coco, Cuba 2011

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The revenge of the fisherman’s, part two. After a tuff trip to the Island next door in February, we arrive to Cayo Coco and some record braking things will happen. The group from Norway is teamed up with two Glasgowers and a Dane. Paul and Phil had a trill during the whole week catching everything with gills and many of them were BIG. Paul told me that next year they will bring wire, thick wire, as a leader after been broken off so many times.

Morten and Atle was searching for Tarpon on deeper water, they was in contact many times and they were shaken and steered after seeing a school of more than 50 fish average 100lbs. They also both got their first Bonefish ever, well done. Henrik and Nic were doing the same as Peter and me, searching for Tarpon on the flats. Both Henrik and Nic hooked up and landed some big Tarpons, but were unlucky with the places the two best days when Peter and I had a ball.

Peter hooked up at least 15 fish one day, but landed only one. Broken leader and flies coming off was the name of the game, tuff and ruff fishing. I lost on the Thursday a fish up to 150 lbs after 1h20min, it took a 200m run and jumped 2 meter in the air, gone. The day after Peter and me had a double hook up and landed two Tarpons before the monster took the fly. A 4/0 black and red was attacked in the surface by a silver giant that took us to the limit before we manage to touch leader after 3h40min fight, look at the film.

Fantastic week at this paradise island and a superb stay at Melia All Inclusive Hotel. We will be back many times next year.

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