Welcome to Argentina

Rio Grande - a majestic place


You are sitting at home relaxing, just after a happy Christmas with family and friends and feeling full of Juletide-cheer. Your mind turns to other things that give you pleasure such as fishing for trophy fish. Just imagine for a minute the thrill of hooking a sea trout of size and power that would shock you. Now Sea Trout are a worthy adversary at the best of times and for some people the challenge of outwitting the wily large sea trout is as big a sporting challenge that they can undertake. The opportunity to travel to the bottom of the world just after Christmas awaits you and the giant sea trout have been filling the pools you can fish since November and December. What could be more exciting than to leave the darkness and cold of the northern hemisphere winter to travel to Argentina, in high summer, and enjoy an adventure that will set your year up in such magnificent fashion.

Take a fabulous winter holiday with Global and travel to the mighty Rio Grande River in Patagonia to fly fish for huge sea trout. At our Global home in Estancia Marie Behety, you will find that sea trout under 15lbs don’t even enter the lodge catch book. This fabulous home provides sublime comfort, top quality cuisine and some of the most talented fly fishing guides in the world. However before you travel to Patagonia, why not break the journey like many of our visiting anglers do. After an overnight flight you can relax in the metropolitan city of Buenos Aires and enjoy temperatures in the 80’s with sunshine that will reinvigorate your soul. You can join in with the Global group of anglers who want a true holiday experience and visit some of our favourite fine steak restaurants, where their beef comes from cattle that spend all year grazing on lush grass pastures, and never spend time in a barn eating straw through winter. The opportunity to enjoy the finest steaks on the planet with fabulous Malbec wines is a temptation that many find hard to resist and don’t. You can also visit Tango bars, wonderful shopping destinations for gifts such as leather goods, shoes and clothing, go sightseeing and perhaps you can even find time to fit in a round of golf at the local golf courses. A two day stay in Buenos Aires on the way south is a popular option for many of the visiting anglers.

The flight from Buenos Aires takes approx 3 hours to reach Rio Grande and your excitement builds as you descend and catch glimpses of this impressive river. On arrival our guides are there to meet and greet us as long lost friends, and without fuss quickly transport us to our wonderful lodge where we will stay for the next 10 days. Every year the Global family sees some anglers catching sea trout up to 30lbs, with many more between 20 and 25 lbs and countless numbers between 12 and 20 lbs. To catch a flavour of what this type of exclusive fishing holiday is like with Global we recommend you sit back and watch our films shot on location at this truly unique and wonderful fishing destination. You will get sport there that will at times astonish and delight you. It’s no surprise that many of the global customers keep going back year after year to kick start their year in impressive fashion on the Rio Grande.