Rio Grande, Argentina 2011

Posted by | January 09, 2011 | Argentina

15 fisherman’s arrives in the lodge of Maria Behety and find the river in peak condition. So far this season the run has been slow, but a week before the fish has started to show up in the pools. We have 50 km of water and a lot of pools to fish, but the first days we focus on the lower beats to meet the fish. The river is high, but clear, so we are using small tubes or rubber leg nymphs. Most of the guys have been with me before and know all the tricks in the book and one after one the big sea trout are landed the first days. Fish up to 20lbs and bigger see the net and even after a few days we know this will be a record fishing for the lodge. The British team with Phil, Nigel and Ken is doing very well catching fish even on dry flies. Sergey is the Russian fishing machine and together with Lars from Sweden having great time too.

The Vikings from Norway has 2 nice women in between them, nice in the lodge, but mean in the river. Anita and her daughter Charlie ending up with 24 and 25 fish and Charlies 22,5lbs is a split biggest fish of the week between HÃ¥vard and Phil. Gerhard, Arild, and me has been there before, but never seen so many fish in the river and we all have a great time. The two brothers young Herman and Claus joined up with their friend Alex is here for the first time, but still landing a good number of fish. The good fishing even made old Herman quiet for a vile, but it did not last for long. Old Herman, I will pay for that.

The food and service in the lodge is outstanding as always and the Argentinian wine is superb and holds the same high standard as the guides. We ended up with more than 600 sea trout for the 10 days, well done and we will be back next year, nearly all of us.

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