Rio Grande, Argentina 2012

Posted by | January 16, 2012 | Argentina

The group arrived with the morning flight from Buenos Aires and was as normaly welcommed by the guides from the lodge at the local airport. The 30 min drive to the lodge gave us some info regarding the condition in the river.

The first real number of fish had start entering the river a fortnight ago, but the water level was lower than normal for january, so the advice was nymphs in size 10-14, but the bigger flies when it got darker in the evening. Sinktips on a floating line was the best to use together with shorter double hand rods and single hand rods. The first evening showed us that this year there was bigger fish in the river then normal and Nigel landed his biggest ever on 24lbs.

During the first couple of days all had landed fish and during the stay the top rod came up in the fantastic catch of 50 fish. The weather was changing as normal during the 10 days, but only one afternoon with tough wind, but it gave in and ended up with a calm evening. Temp from 10-18 celcius gave us all kind of clothes-change, from jumper to t-shirt. The guides did a superb job and together with the staff and kitchen showed that EMB is one of the best lodges in the world, thanks all.

The rookies: Per and Donny picked up the fishing very fast and both ended up in personal record, times three. They also learned the thumb game due to the games harsh “straffeones”. Greath company and hope they will be back.

The regulars: Anita and Morten started off as normal. After one hour I was visiting them in the pool and Anita had landed two, and lost one. She was going on like that all week. Morten had the groups highest average with 15lbs, well done champ. Nigel and Shaun was as alway doing well, but I was watching Shaun losing 5 fish in a row, his nemesis this timeā€¦but still heg ot over 40 fish on the bank. Nigel was leading but got beaten the last evening for the biggest fish, nest done Nigel.

Lars and Sergey was goin on in their own way. Lars with only his toothpick and Sergey with all his scientific testing of flies, both landing many fish. Paul and Gerhard is the two nicest guest you can get, with a big smile on their face all the time, also when they was loosing fish, big fish, many times during the trip. Thanks boys.

Top rod: Nic had the fantastic achevement of landing 50(!) fish for the trip. He got half on a size 14 green nymph on his wee double handed 6 weight rod, super.

Biggest fish: Phil did it the last evening. At 9pm he landed a magnific fish on 32lbs, the biggest fish on all my 12 trips to Argentina, gratulation.

Thanks all for making this a superb trip, look forward to next year already.

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