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Kanektok, Alaska 2013

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Alaska is often called the Last Frontier and the Global Family, in conjunction with Alaska West offer you a real wilderness camp experience fly fishing for 5 different species of salmon in the renowned Kanektok River. You travel to the Last Frontier where there is very little visibility of mans footprint on the landscape to explore superlative fishing opportunities and catch as many fish as your heart could desire. Fish don’t run these rivers in their thousands but do in the hundreds of thousands; all within a short time frame in high summer. The global family of anglers meet in Anchorage and spend a day unwinding after the journey around the world to reach this destination. Many of the anglers will visit the fishing tackle emporia and take advantage of fantastic prices for leading brand names. Many of the quality items are less than half the price you would pay in Europe. A trip to Humpy’s bar is like a pilgrimage, paying homage to the importance the salmon has to the Alaskan economy and enjoying their great food and fine ales. Their branded Tee shirts are iconic and make great gifts to friends and family.

It’s virtually a hop, skip and jump from Anchorage to reach our destination where you travel to camp by jet boat and meet some of the most amazing guides in North America. You will have the opportunity to fly fish for Sockeye, Chum, early running Coho and every other year Pinks along with the juggernauts of the Pacific Ocean, the powerful King Salmon. Most anglers will catch more than enough fish to ensure they travel home with a grin as wide as the Atlantic Ocean they are crossing. Think of UK Rivers; fly fishing down a pool, where instead of a handful of fish in each pool-in Alaska there can be many hundreds if not thousands of fish, which do come freely to the fly. You and your guide will decide the night before what your target species of salmon will be the next day. You can even go fishing for trophy Rainbow Trout, as a change from salmon, where grow to a prodigious size.

You will have a hearty cooked breakfast and prepare your packed lunch before departing from camp with your fishing buddy and guide and travel to the pools your guide wants you to tackle. The wading is very straightforward and you can cover the pool s Speycasting with a double handed rod or double haul with a single handed rod. You will see fish, many fish, as you make your way down the pool covering the lies of your target species. The great thing about Alaska is that if one type of salmon is not responsive you can switch your attention to another species and hook up time and time again. The well known Sports Illustrated writer, the late Clive Gammon called Alaska the chocolate Factory, which is a suitable analogy describing the abundance and availability of salmon. What a great place for you to take a novice angler or to take friends to let them try fishing if they have hankered after it but never got around to it. There is equipment available in camp for novice anglers who have yet to find out how much fun salmon fishing can really be. Come and join us and live the dream.

So the week sees everyone of the Global Family getting good sport with the Kings, Chum, Rainbows, Dollies and some early Coho. First time overseas visitor David Reid gets a 40 lber on a single handed rod on his first day…he was to hook up with at least another 40 lber everyday during his week. Some were landed and some were lost. Yves, Magnus, Geir Magne all had some great moments and the go pro footage recorded by Magnus was spectacular and a welcome addition to the video we produced. Anita and Morten worked away steadily during their week and caught some great fish. The Old Condor Nick got his week of to a flying start with a trophy rainbow trout; he was to use his extensive wisdom and talent to keep his score ticking over during the week. Egil, as always, the supreme storyteller, was in great form and caught some great fish. The water was very low but I cherish the morning on church bell where Reid and myself landed 3 chinooks each with Reid landing a magnificent 45 lber that made his Hardy Perfect make the sweetest music. All in all a great fun week where everyone made good catches at times and got on tremendously well with our American guides and fellow anglers. Alaska is a whoop ass destination and didn’t disappoint.

Compiled by Ken Reid

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